Tourist Visa To Schengen Countries

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Tourist Visas From GCC To Schengen Countries

Any international traveler passing through the region must have a short-term Schengen tourist visa if their country does not have a visa-free entry agreement with the Schengen nations. Most of the popular travel locations in the EU are included on the list of Schengen Countries. Therefore, the visa is very beneficial for anyone planning to travel to Europe. Four categories make up the visa distribution.

Type A – Airport Transit Visa

Any international traveler from a non-Schengen nation who must transit through or wait at one of the local airports for a subsequent flight to or from a non-Schengen nation must apply for this visa.

Type B – Transit Visa

The visa is designed for visitors who require a brief stay in the area of no more than five days.

Short-Term Visa Type C

The visa typically permits a stay or transit through the region for 90 days during a 6-month period. It might have permission for one entry, two entries, or many entries.

National Long-Stay Visa, Type D

The visa entitles the holder to a maximum of one year of stay. A person is allowed to stay in any Schengen country not covered by their visa for a maximum of 90 days during this time.