American Tourist Visa

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Types of US Visitor Visas

US grants a variety of visas, including tourist and business visitor visas. The USA offers short-visa options for tourists, business travelers, and partners. For people traveling to the US temporarily, a transit or visitor visa is required. The kind of US visa that should be applied for depends on the purpose of the trip.

For attending conferences, networking with coworkers, negotiating contracts, or organizing assets, business travelers can apply for a B-1 visa.

Vacationing tourists are given a B-2 visa. Additionally, it is given to tourists who are traveling to the US for medical care as well as to take part in social events or competitions.

A transit C visa is granted to foreign nationals traveling through the US on their way to another area. On their route somewhere else, these passengers make a little stopover in the US.

A transit C-1, D, or C-1/D visa is necessary for crew members of foreign aircraft or ships arriving in the US.

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