Temporary Visas, Permanent Visas and Citizenship in New Zealand

There are different visa options and ways to get citizenship in New Zealand. You will not need a visa to work in New Zealand if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident of this country. Migration agents will guide you and help you in the process of taking visas and citizenship. Proper Expert is the leading immigration consultants in Muscat to deliver high-end services for clients.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas are of different types in New Zealand. Here we can see three types of visas available in New Zealand as temporary.

Permanent Visas

There are many people who would like to settle in New Zealand by getting permanent visas. There are actually two routes to permanent residency in New Zealand. Work to residence visas and skilled migrant visas.


If you are a person living in New Zealand with permanent residence and is considered to have good character you are eligible. If you are supposed to have no convictions or fine, you are entitled to apply for citizenship in New Zealand. Having citizenship in New Zealand will give you the right to vote. Proper Expert is the best visa consultants in Oman to give best visa related services. Over the years, Proper Expert has attained best popularity over the years.