Privacy Policy

Our Identity

The terms and restrictions in our privacy policy apply to all uses of the information and content on our website, as well as to all related services. When they move forward, it is presumed that the client has read and agrees to these rules and any changes that may be made.

Protecting the privacy of our clients is the first duty of every consultant at Proper Expert. A comprehensive data protection policy ensures the security of any information supplied by our clients across all communication channels, including in-person and telephone interactions. On each level of activity, the clients’ credentials that are required for various immigration needs are secured.

All payments made by our customers are handled by our payment processing agent, and we do not keep any personal information or credit card numbers other than what is necessary to complete the payment. No personally identifying information about our clients, including their credit or debit card information, is ever kept on file, shared,rented, or sold by our company.

All information about our clients, both personal and professional, is kept strictly secret. Except for any third parties necessary for the relevant immigration procedure, all paperwork and documents submitted by our clients are kept confidential (Ex., Visa Immigration department and case officers). Names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of our clients are kept on file and are strictly protected by our privacy policy.

Refund Procedure

Clients are not eligible to request a refund of their fees if they cancel a contract they have with Proper Expert Consultants before the services provided by Proper Expert have been completed.
Before a contract between the client and Proper Expert can be created, the client must read, comprehend, and agree to the terms and conditions.

No refunds are allowed, regardless of when the contract was signed by the client, even if they may stop the application process at any time. As the advisors describe the application process and provide specifics on the rules and laws of the country in question, all in good faith, Proper Expert does not grant refunds.

The customer is accountable for any false information, falsification, or fraud in their application materials, including but not limited to:

The CLIENT’s medical test was unsuccessful;

There is criminal history for the CLIENT;

The CLIENT’s English language proficiency is limited;

The CLIENT is unable to produce the necessary documentation in accordance with the demands of the relevant nation.

In the event that the applied immigration programme is not approved, there will be no reimbursement. The following list is not exhaustive, but the following factors could be used by the relevant immigration authority to disqualify the client: –




There is not enough data

Lack of resources

Information that is false

Qualifications that aren’t recognised, accredited, or real
Employment experience where the case officer is unsatisfied with the applicant’s proof

Qualifications that aren’t recognised, accredited, or real
Employment experience where the case officer is unsatisfied with the applicant’s proof

Failure to submit all necessary documents by the deadline set forth by the relevant government office
Inability of the customer or their dependents to cooperate

Breach of contractual obligations

Against the terms and conditions of Proper Expert, a refund may be given with particular attention. The legal department at Proper Expert Consultants has the exclusive power to process the refund in up to 90 days.

Please refer to the retainer agreement that was signed by both parties for more details.