Invest In Manitoba For Permanent Residence

Manitoba is another province in Canada that encourages talented foreigners to start enterprises there and in the surrounding area. To enter Manitoba, the potential immigrant must apply for a temporary work permit through the Manitoba investor program. After relocating to the province, the candidate gets two years to begin their business.

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Manitoba Investors Program

The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway is one of the streams of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), a PNP sponsored by the province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway is aimed at senior managers or seasoned business owners who want to start a new business and relocate to Manitoba.

Applicants who employ the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway will be able to file an official application for Canadian permanent residency after successfully managing a business in Manitoba for a defined length of time.

Please be aware that the MPNP Entrepreneur Ranking System is used to establish eligibility and select applicants for this program. Meeting the bare minimum of eligibility requirements to acquire a Letter of Advice to Apply may not be enough (LAA).

There are two ways for the candidate to invest in this province:

The Path of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Pathway is a business program intended exclusively for international entrepreneurs looking to start a new firm in Manitoba. After successfully completing the requirements for a temporary work visa, the concerned candidate can establish their business and, according to the provisions of the Business Performance Agreement, receive a permanent residence visa after two years of successful operation. The Manitoba government prioritizes entrepreneurs who establish their firms outside of Winnipeg.

Pathway for Farm Investors

The farm investor pathway is specifically designed for business owners who want to invest in farms. Those business owners undergo a similar selection procedure to obtain an initial temporary visa and qualify for permanent residency.