Grenada Investor Visa – The Entryway To Your Favorite Country

This country’s citizens do not need a visa to visit 127 countries, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, and many others. Furthermore, Grenada’s E-2 treaty with the US allows its citizens to visit the US with ease. Typically, E-2 visa applications are processed within one month. Individuals from all over the world can quickly become citizens of our progressive country by taking part in reputable investment programs.

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You can obtain a Grenada Passport by investing in authorized real estate projects or by making a non-refundable donation to National Transformations funds.

Option 1: Funds for National Transformation (Non-refundable)

Contribution (National Transformation Funds) that is non-refundable under the Sustainable Growth Funds

By contributing the below-mentioned amount to the Sustainable Growth Funds, the applicant can gain lifetime Grenadian citizenship.

Option 2: Investing in real estate

Real estate investment (investment of $350,000 in government-approved projects).

The applicant must invest $350,000 in shares of a project that has received government approval. After five years, shares may be sold. The applicant may potentially generate a return on investment throughout the holding period without incurring any further project costs. Additionally, by making a real estate investment, the applicant receives a TRN, one of the crucial documents needed to apply for an E2 visa in the USA.

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