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Foreign entrepreneurs who meet certain investment criteria can apply for the Canada investor visa. A visa for a start-up business is one of the visas that can be obtained; the program is accessible on a national level, and investors should be aware that they may also get visas that are specific to certain provinces if they are interested in establishing a business in a particular area of Canada.

For instance, if you wish to launch a business in Quebec, you can apply for the Quebec Investor Program. If you’d like more information on the regional visas offered for commercial purposes, our team of advisers in Canadian company formation is still available.

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What conditions must be met to obtain a start-up visa in Canada?

As was already noted, investing in a local start-up business is one of the ways a foreign investor can get a visa to Canada for business travel. The essential prerequisite in this situation is to have a creative business plan that will lead to the creation of numerous jobs in Canada.

Please be aware that the Canadian government does not offer financial support for this form of investment visa, so you will need to show not just that you can support yourself and your family while living here by providing appropriate proof of the corporation that will invest in your business. In addition to these, you must have a strong knowledge of either or both of the English and French languages. Please contact our team of experts in Canadian business registration if you require any information regarding the visa application procedure.

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