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Canada is one of the countries that welcome immigrants wholeheartedly. Numerous social benefits, such as cost-free public healthcare, cost-free child care, and cost-free public education, are available to immigrants who are granted permanent resident visas in Canada. After three years of PR visa-related residence in Canada, one may apply for citizenship. Proper Expert is the Leading Name Among the Canada Immigration Consultants in Muscat with our Dedication and Experience.

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Canada Express Entry

The best option for obtaining permanent status in Canada is probably Express Entry. The Canadian Express Entry system is one of the most popular immigration programs for skilled foreign workers because of the faster Express Entry processing times, the emphasis on retaining intact families, and the incredible opportunities it can provide to candidates. This project will provide citizenship to qualified individuals with relevant overseas work experience, such as engineers, physicians, and chartered accountants. Entry is made easier by the Comprehensive Ranking System, a skill-based scoring system (CRS). It was introduced in 2015 and has a rapid processing time. The majority of the applications submitted under the program are evaluated within six months, and those who are accepted will receive an invitation letter from the Government of Canada granting them and their immediate family members residency.

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Provincial Nominee Program

Looking to move swiftly to Canada and establish a solid foundation for PR? An accessible approach to settling in Canada is through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program. The Canada Provincial Nominee Program was established to entice qualified foreign talent to Canada’s provinces that were experiencing a talent deficit. Through the PNP program, thousands of chosen candidates have moved and are established permanently in Canada. A person may be nominated by a Canadian province or territory for Canadian permanent residency under the Provincial Nominee Program. Although the PNP program is different from Express Entry, it does provide applicants who possess a certain PNP with 600 more CRS points when they apply through the Express Entry pool. The provincial government will put your name forward for the position if they believe you can use your knowledge, training, and other attributes to help the province’s economy thrive. According to the regional economic and market conditions, each province in the nation employs its own distinctive Provincial Nomination tactics.

Below given are a few of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs.

Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is an innovative and locally driven immigration project (RNIP). This program helps to expand the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by giving skilled foreign workers who want to live and work in Thunder Bay a path to permanent residence.

The RNIP permits qualified businesses to provide full-time, permanent positions to talented foreign workers who can address our city’s identified labor shortages.

The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)

The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) is an immigration initiative started by Canada’s Yukon Territory. Yukon Nominee Program (YNP), which is a part of the YCP, employs a novel approach to immigration.  YNP assists those who have obtained provincial nomination to obtain a unique kind of work visa that enables them to work for various employers in a participating community in the Yukon. The pilot is scheduled to operate from January 2020 until June 2023.

The YCP allows Yukon nominees more flexibility by tying work permits to a particular community rather than to a single business. In this manner, candidates can sustain themselves and assist in meeting the local communities’ labor needs by working for multiple firms and taking on a variety of part-time employment.

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